Data Engineering

Our data team consists of senior engineers who are focused on building high-end solutions leveraging DataOps. We specialize in Java, Scala and Microsoft stack.

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What we do?

We design and build data solutions from scratch. We also have experience in extending capabilities of the existing cloud apps and on-premise systems.

Our skills & tools

PowerBI development

Data visualization

Data modeling



Process orchestration

Automated testing

Data migration

Performance optimization



Data Warehouse

Data Lake

Big Data

Data Automation

Business Intelligence

We specialize in Microsoft stack

And we know how to combine it with other technologies.

In the Ocean of Data

For us, data is like an ocean - a vast, widely unknown and undiscovered area that people strive to explore, research, and use for their needs. Since people understood the potential of data, it has often been proven that it can help achieve extraordinary results in every aspect of human life. But we have also learned that this ocean demands particular skills and experience to feel safe and well-prepared while we’re exploring its limitless possibilities.

We perceive our role as a lighthouse that helps explorers, researchers, and all kinds of other sailors navigate safely through the oceans of data.

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