Make Abandoned Carts a New Source of Income

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August 22, 2023
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In this post, we focus on the power of small and incremental changes that may turn into a snowball effect and, compounded, bring a considerable value.

Some time ago, we had the pleasure of working with one of the world's top 3 producers of dance pads - maty-taneczne. Their e-commerce worked great, but we saw room for improvement. After several insightful discussions with the company's founder, we learned enough to start our work.

Our ultimate goal was to make their website more readable (and we agreed that we could make changes in the frontend layer only), create clear CTAs, and ensure that visitors get familiar with the essential information:  what product from their offer fits their needs and how it would be shipped - both have crucial impacts on customers buying decisions in this niche.

New sections on the main page.
A new page about shipping
Space for new joiners

It's also worth mentioning that we created a new space for beginners where they could learn how to install and set up everything to begin playing and having fun minutes after unboxing.

Online support materials

Apart from the mentioned areas, we made minor improvements here and there (e.g., redesigning the About us subpage or showing the time zone in Contact Us) to ensure that the whole website and the offer provided as much information in a consistent and user-friendly form as possible.

Both we and our client were happy with the results, and they received some positive feedback in their social media after the new version of the website was introduced. However, we still knew we could do more to increase sales and profitability.

Hidden potential

Another conversation with the company founders (we must admit they are super cool and brilliant guys!) brought a breakthrough. We learned that people who abandoned their carts were rarely contacted and incentivized to return to the shop and complete the order. We knew that this would be a potential source of revenue. We started working on it almost right away. We set up retargeting campaigns. The entire process was 100% automated. Based on specific criteria, personalized messages were created for each customer. It started working as expected from the beginning and paid off the initial costs after a couple of weeks. Since then, it's been a new source of income for the owners.

Thanks for reading & until next time!

Thanks for reading!

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