328% More Orders After Launching The New Website!

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August 22, 2023
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Setting goals and scope of work

A local company - Bulletmove specializing in moving services wanted to go through rebranding. If you had seen it, you would say their website had vibes of the 90s, so the plan was to catch up with current trends. Their business was doing fine as they had a healthy amount of requests to continue their operations. Nevertheless, they planned to expand their business and were willing to experiment with acquiring new clients through online channels.

Working on the solution

Our team spent many hours researching the industry, its major characteristics, how sales are made, what customer service looks like, and how competitors run their businesses. We needed all the information to develop new branding and design a new version of their website.

Here are the key points of our research:

  1. 90% of the companies in the industry needed to update or re-designed websites to catch up with current trends and customer habits (mobile-first, less text written for SEO rather than for visitors, etc.)
  2. Many company owners undervalued online sales, as they seemed to deny that the Internet played a vital role in running 'old-fashioned' businesses like moving services.
  3. 100% of customers would appreciate it if they could pay for the service by card.
  4. 80% of people complained about communication with moving companies, as they had to wait a long time in phone lines or exchange multiple emails before agreeing on price and terms. All of it was a poor experience for the clients.

Based on the above findings, we came up with the following plan:

  1. The new branding would be light and funky while preserving a professional look.
  2. The new website must be spacious with a short and concrete copy, clear CTA, appealing colors, and graphics. Supporting materials (e.g., instructions on preparing stuff for packing) must be available if needed (it was also an opportunity for upselling).
  3. We wanted to emphasize that customers can receive a complete offer within 15 minutes. It was the fastest pricing in the Polish moving market.
  4. Our goal was to enable the company to acquire new clients who prefer online communication or do not have time to make a phone call / write emails back and forth.

Our client agreed with the above, so we could move to work on a new logo, colors, and website. It took a while to figure out how to design a channel allowing the company to collect all the necessary information to provide an offer for their leads while making it short and user-friendly for website visitors. Finally, we proposed a web form consisting of 7 super-short questions.

Here are a few screenshots to show how it works in reality:

What type of real estate are you moving from?
What floor is the apartment on and is a lift in the building?
Will things be packed and ready to move?

The results
After the new website was launched, the company owner received a lot of positive feedback from the new clients that one of the critical factors in choosing his company was a good-looking website. And what's most important, the number of new clients skyrocketed - the owner called us one day and said that he needed a bigger mailbox because the current one ran out of available space. They recorded 328% more requests than before, most of which came through the web form. New clients represented younger generations who prefer to do everything on their smartphones, offline communication is their first choice, and they are used to payments by card. Thus the new website matched perfectly with their needs, and our client got solid proof that they acquired a new segment of paying customers.

Thanks for reading & until next time!

Thanks for reading!

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