Fractional UX/UI as a Service

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August 28, 2023
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What does a UX/UI designer actually do?

Firstly, let's define who the UX/UI designers are and what they usually do. A UX designer is an expert at maximizing the customer's experience when interacting with a product. They spend their day gathering information from stakeholders and users to analyze what must be done to meet their needs. They use various methods and tools, such as user interviews, market research, and shadowing, to gather as much as possible. Then, they convert their analysis into documentation such as user journeys, product maps or sketches, mockups, and prototypes - basically, anything that will help them communicate with the rest of their teams, especially software engineers.

Why is it important to have a good design?

In today's world, everybody has access to similar technologies at the same time, and in many industries, technology only gives a short-term advantage (others will catch up). This is why developing engaging and compelling products that wow your users is crucial.

Who should consider fractional UX/UI Designer as a service?

From agile startups to well-established enterprises, UX/UI designer as a service is tailored to meet the unique needs of any business at any stage.

Startups can leverage these services to create captivating initial impressions on their first users. To survive in the crowded SaaS market, you must design user flows and user experiences that resonate with early adopters, who are your base for future growth. Good design not only attracts new users but also speeds up the feedback loop, which is crucial to establishing Product Market Fit. 

Growing businesses can benefit from the expertise of seasoned designers to optimize their interfaces for the growing expectations of more and more users interacting with the product. It's essential to understand how users' needs evolve and how our product should be adjusted to address those needs.

Even established companies should tap into on-demand services to infuse fresh design thinking into their products and receive constructive feedback from people outside their organization.

Beyond Aesthetic Enhancement

UX/UI designers are more than just people who create nice user interfaces; they're experience architects of user experience. Their role extends beyond merely enhancing aesthetics – they shape the user journey, streamline interactions, and contribute to the overall success of your product.

When is fractional UX/UI as a service a Perfect Match?

While our designers can certainly solve design-related problems, their value goes beyond troubleshooting. Engaging our UX/UI Design Consultants as a service is ideal when you're:

  • launching a new product,
  • redesigned/pivoting your product,
  • enhancing an existing user experience,
  • refreshing your branding,
  • working on design strategy,
  • seeking expert insights in the UX/UI area.

Advantages of UX/UIaaS

  1. Expert Creativity: Work with battle-tested designers who are experts in the UX/UI area and use their creativity and expertise to offer outstanding experience in your products.
  2. Flexibility: Our offer is always tailored to your needs. You can book a Consultant for any time. It can be a few hours, two days, or a month.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Unsolved problems usually add up and create bigger problems. Fortunately, you can work with experienced professionals ready to help you out without looking for a full-time employee. 
  4. Innovative Design: our team consists of people who are up-to-date with the latest trends and are ready to seek the best solution for your challenges. 
  5. User-Centered Approach: Design interfaces that prioritize user needs, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience.

How do we work?

  1. Discovery: We begin with a meeting to get to know each other and to understand your needs.
  2. Offer: you receive our offer. It includes a plan describing how our Consultant plans to work on your tasks, what he/she will achieve and time estimation.
  3. Collaboration: Our Consultant works solely or hand-in-hand with your team to bring the plan to life, iteratively refining and optimizing.
  4. Continuous Iteration: Throughout the process, we gather feedback and iterate to ensure the design aligns with your vision.
  5. Delivery: As the result takes shape, we deliver the final outputs and collaborate on implementation, ensuring a seamless transition.

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